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Restore water-damaged structures and save money with Radius FDS
Using Radius FDS (Fast Dry System), drying time is cut significantly compared with conventional methods, such as construction fans and dehumidification plants. With Radius FDS, you are talking about days, rather than weeks.

Radius FDS mobile unit

The technique functions in basically the same way as an ordinary microwave oven. The microwaves heat the water, which vaporizes and is blown out by a fan. The equipment is computer-controlle d and easy to use. It features special drying programs for wet concrete floors, brick walls and other structures. It is also an appropriate method for use in housing- improvement work, or for repairing damage within limited areas, such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens.

For the wall

Minimal inconvenience

During the period the microwave plant is in use, no-one can be allowed in the immediate vicinity. However, the water-damaged area can be used as normal when the Radius plant is not in operation. This means that tenants are subject to minimal inconvenience and it is seldom necessary to invest in alternative premises or reduce rents.

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