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Microwave technology used to dry foundations of Winter Palace Theater

Fuktteknik Microwave Drying AB has developed a patented method, whereby microwaves are used to dry building foundations prior to their being impregnated against damp. This method was used, for example, during the renovation of both the Winter Palace Theater in St. Petersburg and an extensive restoration project in Venice.

When damp occurs in the foundations of buildings, it is generally the result of inferior or nonexistent damp courses in the building itself. Salt can also force its way in with the moisture and this can have an erosive effect on surfaces. This leads in turn to mold or fungus damage, with the result that the rendering and brickwork on the building become damaged. Inside, the situation creates an unpleasant odor and the inhabitants are exposed to health hazards. External factors, such as rain, sunshine and frost, can also cause damage to the facade, resulting eventually in moisture penetrating the structure.

The so-called Emi-Beam method provides permanent and cost-effective protection against recurring problems. The method is applied as follows:
A number of holes (approximately 15-25 mm in diameter) are drilled horizontally into the foundation at intervals of 100-250 mm from each other. The structure is then dried through these holes by applying Emi-Beam microwaves, which vaporize the moisture, and the layer in question is completely dry.

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