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Fuktteknik Microwave Drying AB
impregnates against moisture damage

Fuktteknik Microwave Drying AB specializes in the hydrophobic impregnation of various types of building materials. Fuktteknik MWD AB has been active in this area for more than 15 years and works both for its own account and via subcontractors.


Damp in facades
This method protects elevations against high water absorption in the event of heavy rain, or in connection with grouting of old masonry to counter soil moisture. In addition to hydrophobic impregnation directly arresting water seepage through walls, it also eliminates the risk of frost damage. However, this is conditional upon the facade having been undamaged, or repaired, prior to the impregnation process. Accordingly, such work should always be assessed and carried out by specialists.

Capillary moisture in foundations
Much of the damage in existing structures derives from a high moisture content. This applies particularly in masonry-walled buildings, in which capillary moisture problems are often found because the foundations have been laid in damp environments and the moisture is then "sucked" up through the pores in such materials as brick, lightweight concrete and mortar. Fuktteknik MWD has developed the patented method of initially drying out a horizontal layer in the foundations with the help of a microwave-based technique and then impregnating the foundation. Fuktteknik MWD has, for example, successfully applied this method during the restoration of the Winter Palace Theater in St. Petersburg and in a restoration project in Venice.


Radius FDS

Drying of damp and water damage
The company´s work with moisture barriers has resulted in the development of RADIUS FDS (Fast Dry System), the method used to dry water damage with the help of microwave technology. Fuktteknik MWD´s method and equipment is used today by restoration companies throughout Sweden and internationally. Water damage can therefore be dried within just a couple of days, compared with conventional drying methods, which can take several weeks or months. The resulting gains in time and economic benefits accruing to homeowners, property managers, contractors and insurance companies are therefore significant.


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